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Sitemaps and Why They Are Important

There are lots of search engine optimization tips and tricks that will help optimize your website, and one of them is a simple sitemap. People usually underestimate the importance of a sitemap. As the word implies, a sitemap is literally a map of the website that makes navigating it easier. That is just one benefit.

Another crucial advantage of sitemaps is that search engines will be able to communicate more easily with your website. Robots tell a search engine which parts of a website should or should not be indexed, and a sitemap tells the search engine where they should go.

Sitemaps are not exactly a new concept. In fact, they’ve always been part of web design best practices since day one. Now that sitemaps have been adopted by search engines, the more important they become.

As earlier mentioned, sitemaps offer plenty of benefits. They don’t just make navigation easy around the website, but they also increase visibility to search engines. Each time there are changes to the site, sitemaps provide the opportunity to automatically update search engines. While search engines won’t rush to act on those changes, they will definitely account for them more quickly if you have a sitemap than not.

Furthermore, if a site submitted to search engines includes a sitemap link, you will not be as dependent on external links every time search engines deliver traffic to your website.
Sitemaps are even helpful in terms of fixing poor internal linking, like when there are orphan pages or accidental broken links.. But of course, it is not wise to rely completely on a sitemap to fix errors. In the case of a new website, or a website where there are many new or recently updates pages, a sitemap can go a long way.

While you can always decide not to use one, there’s no denying that sitemaps are standard when it comes to search engine site submissions. Nonetheless, crawlers will keep indexing the Internet, and sitemaps will not make this crawling standard obsolete. There’s more logic in the conclusion that sitemaps will only grow in importance. Rating and classifying content is done through search engines, and they will not be forced to categorize a page or match it to a certain keyword simply because that is what the site owner wants.

Finally, keep in mind that key search engines’ sitemap programs are still relatively new, so it’s silly to expect any overnight benefits. Even SEO itself in general doesn’t work that way. But as search engines continue to improve their indexing algorithms for sitemaps, long-term returns should be in order.

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